Mostly I am caught somewhere in between technology, sales and marketing and am a security expert (not “securities”, but security as in Information Security). Since about 18, I have had a passing interest in stocks. For about a year I have researched and dabbled in the solutions of various experts. I have finally come across Jason Bond Picks. I am so excited by Jason Bond and his offerings, that I started this blog to spread the word and detail my ongoing experience.

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  1. What you have said on this blog is really inspiring me but I have been burnt. I am down about 10k after trying various newsletters, they all seem to be more interested in selling services and shouting about how much they are making than actually helping people. Is this any different? I have about $40k to trade with.

    • Hey Dave, just sent you an email. Hopefully will be doing a summary detailed blog post today.

  2. I’ve become interested in using his service and I found your review and link on investimonials. I have a few concerns, though. He has plenty of positive reviews, but out 110, 20+ are on the same day and all positive, including yours. That’s either extremely suspicious or he was begging subscribers to write positive reviews to bum his good/bad ratio. Also, he removed his trades from profitly and are available on his website. But I can’t seem to view them without paying a subscription. I’m not interested in paying $297 in order to view tradest hat could be lesst han stellar. Another concern is your affiliate link. He was running a promotion until June 30th, which so happens to be around your last blog. It seems you may of been trying to get subscribers for him in order to make money off of them via JBP for doing nothing. That’s great and all, but it also leads to skepticism of your constant accolades of his service. JB touts he made his money on Wall Street, but I read a few times that he was a promoter on Wall Street and NOT a trader…There are a few other things that caught my eye, but this post has already gotten long enough. I look forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,

    • All good and fair comments. I just emailed you a VERY lengthy email. For the sake of others… yes JB and the gang were in a good mood after some big winnings… so a good time to get folks to write reviews. Yes I’m an affiliate. I have only gone deep into an affiliate program twice! Both are products that I believe in (Wish OSX had an affiliate program! Doh! Hope I didn’t start a pc/mac debate. All the referrals I see daily in chat… many have come back to thank me. Keep in mind this isn’t magic though and requires dedication and some work and discipline on every subscribers part. Not only did he used to promote stocks (I think… he has mentioned a couple times when warning people against promos — how he knows as he used to be one), but before that he was a high school gym teacher!! Explains why he is a good teacher too! But his program is simple and it works well.

  3. Hi, it seems that Bond has come the closet I have ever seen to answer my big question, but not quite. If all these advisers are all so good why the fxxx do they bother doing this stuff? The “free day” thing is a move in the right direction (missed it). But why not a free week or month. Give a guy (or goil, gotta be PC) a real shot a trying it out. If the results meet the promises, one would have to be insane to have the valve turned off after a week or a month. My check would be in the mail – PRONTO. MR. BOND WOULD HAVE ME FOR LIFE!!!! Please pass this on to Mr. Bond. Hope to see my post up on this site and to more chats with u… Thanks,Bob

    • Good points. Heres my 2 cents on that. One it’s not magic. It does take some education. In fact, I think people who go in blindly and just mirror his stuff and succeed are getting lucky. Eventually you get burned. I always recommend people take the time to NOT trade and to instead go through all his video lessons and materials. Next, let’s face the truth — I’m sure JB makes good money with subscriptions! The stock market isn’t magic and 100% predictable, but having x number subscribers paying you x a quarter is predictable. So anyways back to the original point, heres the bottom line and again just my opinion. When you offer such a thing for free… people will tend to “gun sling” and in that process may get lucky but eventually will make mistakes. I think it’s important to put your own skin/money in the game to take things seriously and treat it as a side business so to speak. Once you pay, you will take the lessons, etc a lot more seriously and less inclined to start throwing money around.

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