Posted by: castadream | January 28, 2013

Sometimes it pays to take it easy!

So things got real busy late last year and I had to take a break from trading. This year so far has been awesome! Although I’m not in the chat everyday like I used to be, I’m probably using the service like many average folks would be — that is, just waiting for the text alerts. I have been VERY successful so far this year! Here is what I’ve done:

  • Act quick
  • Keep tight stop losses
  • Not getting greedy — happy with 5 to 15% on relatively short order!

Most recently was OCZ up 15% in  a couple days. I’ve known OCZ for a while now, an have always liked the company, and frankly am surprised they haven’t yet been bought out!

Meanwhile, I have sold for a nice profit much of the position, and am still holding some with a stop loss (so as not to lose money).


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