Posted by: castadream | July 1, 2012

Is Jason Bond a Scam? Is Jason Bond Legit?

[Update: Please feel free to leave a comment on my post, and I would be happy to get back with you and we can privatley discuss my positive experieince with Jason Bond, and answer any questions/concerns you might have]

Is Jason Bond Picks a Scam?  Is Jason Bond legit? I got asked this by a close friend of mine the other day, and started wondering how many people consider this when thinking about signing up. I’ve struggled to come up with analogies, but found one that fits and works if you are familiar with workout routines like P90-X and Insanity (albeit, I am NOT a fan of the company that produces these for certain reasons). Regardless, these workout programs without a doubt produce results! BUT, it’s not easy! You still have to put in the work (hard work at that), but you get unbelievable positive results! Jason Bond Stock Picks is similar. It works well, and can produce unbelievable results, but you have to be committed.  Jason is one of the most genuine guys I have met in this industry. He produced awesome material (training videos, blogs, watch lists, account builders lists (for those with limited capital), webinars, etc. Not to mention his prices are awesome!

Consider this: It is $297 a quarter! Those that I have referred have been in touch with me and experienced what I did as well. That 300 bucks will be made back in no time! I have the confidence at least that if you are willing to understand his methods, and not be a gunslinger, that if you give him $297, he will give you back almost immediatley your $297, perhaps $1000, perhaps $10,000. Does that make sense? Basically you should have confidence that what you pay is a worthwhile, limited risk investment in yourself!

The number one thing I have learned is don’t try to make hundreds of thousands overnight! Be smart. Be patient. Take your profits when they come. Be a turtle so to speak, and your money is more likely to grow more quickly!

I’m a fan, and can say Jason Bond Stock Picks is NOT a scam. It is a worthwhile program. It includes awesome training! I learned more with jason in 2 weeks, then I learned about the stock market in 10 years. Jason knows his bag of stocks (small caps listed on major exchanges). I wish you the best, and simply ask that you use my affiliate link, and as a result, keep in touch with me and let me know of your results, or if there is anything I can do to help.

Pay the $297, and be like many other that have made that back and much more almost immediately!



  1. Give me a break! Do you really think we are stupid enough to believe your review of this program? You mentioned no evidence that you actually went through his program other than general statements like “I learned more in two weeks…”. All you are interested in doing is getting US to sign up for Jason’s program so that YOU can make an “affiliate’s commission”. If you build enough of these phoney reviews for hundreds of products being sold on the internet, I guess there are enough suckers out there that you can actually make a living doing this. The only “SCAM” in this whole seen is the scam of your review/affiliate marketing attempt!

    • Hi John, sent you an email, and copying/pasting for benefit of others:
      Thanks for the feedback. It’s not a program per se, as it is a service. I have however gone through all his videos. You are correct in that I am very interested in getting people to sign up for his program — for two reasons… 1. he has a great affiliate program (sharing revenue) and 2. he has a great service and works his butt off. This is the only affiliate program I actively promote and care about. There was another ( from which I got free clothes for years as a result, but I actually LOVE these programs! I no longer am an affiliate for Bonobos, because after one of the founders left, things changed there, and I wasn’t a believer in the company (despite not earning tons of credit now).

      When i stop using and believing in Jason, I won’t be an affiliate. It’s that simple. I can also be an affiliate of Tim Sykes and countless others (I’m currently in his program, but have many reservations about recommending that to others right now — although great for me!).

      Bottom line, I have referred MANY people and I see them everyday in chat! Even when not trading, I still login, as I like interacting with my referrals, especially helping them get up and running quickly and avoid mistakes. Again I believe in it.

      Hope this helps.

    • i have no connection with this Bond guy. I recently went to his site on a free day. I bought the stock he suggested. It went up and I made a profit. My mistake….should have bought more. Take it for what it is worth. If he ever gives another free day jump on it.

  2. John, if I can make one other point perhaps why I believe so strongly in Jason Bond and have had great results… a principle something I know you believe in based upon what you have stated. With Jason we go for singles (5 to 10%) — sure occasionally we hit a homer, but we cut losses quickly and aim for 5 to 10% Don’t get greedy — rinse and repeat.

    • correct. what makes me laugh is most people lose $297 quickly in the market and consider themselves lucky not to have lost more. So, it is hard to knock Jason Bond. You will get $297 worth of enjoyment, if you love the market, on day 1.

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