Posted by: castadream | June 22, 2012

Shorting with Jason Bond!

Excited as I have now been successfully shorting stocks courtesy of Jason Bond’s added short alerts. Most recently, I shorted ZNGA yesterday and then took profits and moved into HL yesterday, and took profits today. All in all for a quick and easy $500.00 profit. Using small positions, as I most used to going long on stocks.



  1. Sounds like things are working out well for you with Jason’s advice and training. I will be taking a hard look at this service over the next few days. Thank you for posting your thoughts and experiences.

    • Your welcome Bodan, and thanks for the comment! Please if you do sign up — please use my affiliate link. In return I have sent you an email asking if there is anything specific I can answer. Meanwhile, I am enjoying Jason Bond Picks more than ever! Albeit there has been a lack of swing trade alerts (day trade are plenty — but I don’t do much there). But when he alerts, you can be more confident! I have learned so much…. just make sure you don’t rush into things, and BE SURE to study his concise handful of videos, guidelines, quick-start guide etc…. go in calm and level-headed with a plan (i.e. don’t go gun slinging).

  2. How long you have been subscribe to Jason’s services? I have been looking into it for couple of months however, I never subscribe to it now I am thinking hard if I should sign up.

    • Been about 6 months off top of my head. Will send you a seperate email to discuss further.

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