Posted by: castadream | June 22, 2012

Free 16 Hour Class and more from Jason Bond!

Allright, so this is pretty much a straight up pitch/good deal for you. If you’ve read my other posts, you know how I genuinely feel about this service — it works.  Anyhow, Jason is offering the following:

This hands on intensive 16-hour class alone is worth the measly $297 / quarter fee and I assure you – you’ll leave a better trader. From understanding pump and dumps to finding diamonds in the rough I’ll cover everything including how I made $11,202 on KWK this week using video lesson #1 from my educational trading framework.

Upon completion, the 16-hour class will be made into a DVD and retail in my store for $497 a copy – you’ll receive a copy in the mail for FREE as a part of this offer.

The DVD will be called, “The Basics of Swing Trading by Jason Bond” – yours FREE!

And now, he has combined his swing trade and day trade service (and reduced the price!)

I just combined my 2 services. What was $297 / quarter for Bond Swing Trades and $497 / quarter for Bond Day Trades is now combined into 1 service at $297 / quarter.

There were hundreds of people paying $794 / quarter to get both services so you can bet the combined $297 / quarter price will be increasing but once you’re locked in your price NEVER increases.

You should be aware: This is the lowest membership rate I can offer you at this time. And this special offer won’t last long. So, please don’t risk missing out.

To participate in the 4 LIVE 4-hour instructional webinars, lock in this 66% discount to both my premium services and get the $497 16-hour instructional DVD absolutely FREE…

So it’s a an awesome time to join, and I hope you use my affiliate link, and in return please email me/hit me up in chat etc and I will help out or offer advice in any way I can! Thank you, and enjoy!


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