Posted by: castadream | June 18, 2012

Jason Bond

Looks like Jason Bond will be introducing many new perks/features for his service! I’m particularly excited by the reports he will be putting out in regard to longer term trades (i.e. 1 month to 1+ year holds). I’ve been busy with traveling so haven’t had my hand in the market as much as I would like, but that’s okay as the S&P hasn’t been the greatest either. Regardless, there have been some big gains particullary on stocks such as DMD, VRNG and ZNGA. I currently have some unrealized gains from RENN, MEET and AONE. As well as a small loss I’m holding right now in SQNM. 

My own personal mistake of buying FB has played out well. After taking a rather large hit, I managed to buy some puts on FB, which were very profitable… sold those, just before FB started rising. Still holding onto my FB, and at this point am about even on that whole thing. Meanwhile will continue to hold those shares until I figure out what I want to do with FB. 

Anyhow, hopefully I will see some of you out in Atlantic City with JB, and if you are thinking of signing up, I wish you as much success as I have had:


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