Posted by: castadream | May 24, 2012

Almost a Long Weekend

Almost a Long Weekend, and the market still stinks. JB did alert VRNG today for some big gains… First up, I stopped out of my CEDC position for a very small loss. Out of HERO for a tiny gain. Then jumped into VRNG late! I was mad at myself since I blindly just jumped and didn’t notice how much it had gone up since JB alerted (I was in a meeting). So was bummed for a while being down $500 (yes!) on that stock, and got involved in some more work (my real job), and just checked and am up 1200 dollars (before slight AH drop). Probably be a slow day tomorrow. Man, I can’t wait until the market is actually going UP! 

If you wanna join, go here. By the way, here’s what’s important. If you take this seriously, you should have no problem making your money back (+ MORE) from what you pay. Think about it. The cost doesn’t matter, because you will make more money than you are now! 🙂 Check it out!


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