Posted by: castadream | May 21, 2012

I Must Stick Closer to Jason Bond!


It’s been many crappy days for the market, and shouldn’t be buying much! In fact, Jason hasn’t had many alerts for this reason. That said, I’ve made a couple mistakes on my own the last week. The first was buying into Facebook at 40. Hopefully I can trade out of it this week, as I’m not even a big fan of the company anyhow (or stock). The second mistake was thinking I could swing QPSA off of the big dip it took Friday — it just dipped more. 

That said, until I get better, I need to stick closer to Jason Bond. Part of the problem is you get the “bug”, and when Jason isn’t buying, it’s easy to force yourself into bad ideas. That said, it looks like Jason is introducing a new watch list for stocks to short! I’m excited by this, as it can help fill the gap when the markets want to do nothing but go down. 

To get in on the action, please use my affiliate link: Of course you don’t have to use my link, but in return I will gladly answer any of your questions, and naturally just look forward to you joining the rest of the group! Say hi to me in the chat room!


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