Posted by: castadream | May 21, 2012

First Short with Jason Bond!

A winning short!


Woot! Never shorted a stock before. Got an alert today from JB for JMBA, and entered a short position. Was busy working today, and shocked at the end of the day! The entry was at 1.96. At that point it had simply retraced from the morning runup. At the end of the day, that thing had dropped! At 1.83 now. That’s a quick 6% in one day! I don’t day trade, I swing trade. So will put in a stop and see what happens tomorrow. Thanks Jason! Want to join Jason Bond Stock Picks? Feel free to ask me questions as well:

I’m still trying to recover however from my dumb decision to buy into the FB hype (NOT a Jason recommendation) — and that has put a dent in all my Jason Bond gains unfortunately. I still need to be more disciplined! 


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