Posted by: castadream | May 17, 2012

Jason Bond vs. Timothy Sykes

Jason posted a blog about the drama between him and Tim. In a way, I wish he hadn’t only because I really like Jason’s style and attitude. I think Timmy really must have rubbed him wrong and it probably did piss Jason off. Regardless, I know little of Timothy other than I can’t stand his style, and from talking to people who also aren’t fans. Regardless, let’s face it… they both make lots of money from their subscriptions! But hey you would give me 10 bucks if you KNEW and were CONFIDENT I would give you $100 dollars back. And frankly that’s how Jason’s working out for me. Yes I pay him quarterly but so far (and I see no reason it won’t continue), but he makes me much more money back. 

Okay so it’s been a CRAPPY market these past many days. Breaking even on most things now. Looking forward to FB tomorrow… perhaps give the market a lift. I did finally enter a big trade, that I’m up on. Bought in on Jason’s alert GDXJ and am up pretty big at this moment. I don’t expect to lose, but heres hoping this runs!

As I always end my posts now that I am 100% happy with Jason… is if you’d like to join, please use my affiliate link (I get a small payout to hopefully go forward to help pay my subscription), and in turn I hope you have enjoyed reading, and you are welcome to contact me (I respond personally), with ANY questions, concerns. Thanks all!


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