Posted by: castadream | May 17, 2012

I Hate Losses

Down $500 on a trade (about 6%), and am hoping for a quick recovery tomorrow. I’m not going to stick around and wait for further loses as there are better opportunities. Took a trade off of one of the moderators, as I was getting itchy to get into something. I really shouldn’t have. Primarily as I’m trying to get things in order/consolidated from years of bad picks (i.e. before Jason Bond). For example, I have been in ZLCS for a while (admittedly bought in at 2 bucks and have been holding). Fortunately it caught JB’s scanners as being oversold, and is something he is keeping his eye on for entry/alert. Meanwhile, I’m hoping it sets up quickly so I can get out of what I call my “legacy stocks” These stocks are also mentally holding me back! 

I did pull a quick profit $200 on a trade — one that I want for the longer term, but the quick price movement just convinced me to take the profit. Hard to resist, 200 bucks in less than 24 hours on a TINY position, and one that I figure I can buy into again later.

Anyhow nothing too exciting… just consolidating accounts; continuing to learn; setup my plan; get rid of some losers and continue making money with Jason Bond. 

Yes, I am in a small GWBU position (note: not a JB pick). After RARS, He is sticking with what he does best. And I agree, and that’s make quick money swing trading liquid small caps that are actual companies.

Oh the other thing to the slow week… many new subscribers! On one hand this is tough as they learn the rules of the road; chat etiquette etc. I would LOVE for you to become a new member using my link. If you do, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the following:

1. Don’t rush into trades your first week!

2. Read the chat guidelines and join when possible (again, read the rules)

3. Watch the 7 or so video lesson!

4. Review his watchlists

5. Start setting up a plan.

I hope you will join using me as your sponsor so to speak!


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