Posted by: castadream | May 12, 2012

Summary/Recap of My Experience with Jason Bond

I have started to get a lot of comments/questions. So I’m going to lay things out here since I have been happily trading with Jason Bond Stock Picks. First, I’m in the process of consolidating four different accounts, so I have trades all over the place, and things will be easier to track once consolidated. First things that helps, I’m treating this seriously! Like a business! This means managing risk with an eye on making profits. Frankly, if you just want picks and then blindly buy this isn’t the best service for you. You have to be committed… committed to the education piece. BUT, it’s actually relatively straightforward and EASY to learn. I have been trading sporadically for over ten years, and have learned more in the past few weeks, then I have in a decade! I am kicking myself for all the dumb buys I’ve had over the years and have held onto hoping things get better. Interesting, I have made a lot so far with Jason, and at the same time I have finally taken some big losses — that is, I have dumped loser stocks I have been holding onto for years, and am putting that money to work now with Jason and my newfound knowledge. 

Jason yes offers text/email alerts. But it is so much more. To begin with he is an awesome teacher! He should be — he has a Masters in education and taught kindergarten for many years. And believe me sometimes I wonder how he handles all the new people and different experiences, and how he is so good at running a tight ship in the chat room (and oddly, I have to believe that his Kindergarten teacher background is what separates him apart!). Did I mention he also a genuinely nice and good person? Does he make mistakes? Sure. But he is quick to cut losses; own up to mistakes and manage risk and put himself and you in the best chance to succeed. So anyhow, in addition to the text/emails alerts on his realtime buy and sells (this also includes how many shares, etc), there is a daily chat. Great place to be logged into to read all the commentary (and will start dinging if there is an alert — typically happens here first two minutes before texts, etc). 

His daily watch lists are where it’s really at though! He breaks down the stocks he is watching across there different plays he does — and he has a speciality of about 100 stocks. This watch list, combined with the education, allows you to actually UNDERSTAND and not rely upon waiting for his alerts (though I highly recommend you wait, until you are certain you understand). He usually incorporates a couple short videos each night with the watch list, and includes previous commentary from the previous days around each stock. There are other services provided too (webinars, account builder stocks for those with limited funds trying to build up etc). 

He has some simple rules too that are critical, such as around not chasing stocks; taking 5 to 10 percent, rinse and repeat. Believe me if you can consistently make 100 to 1000 dollars on a stock in a few days (assuming 5 to 10 percent); TAKE IT! That’s more than some peoples bi-weekly paycheck! Your account will build! Again treat like a business. Be smart; be methodical. I wish people would quit asking however of Jason, when should I sell? IF YOU ARE UP 10%, he got you where you need to be! If you decide to risk things, you are on your own. He knows his basket of stocks, and he has picked good ones that offer repeatable patterns, and he follows a few good strategies.

The cool (and potentially VERY dangerous) thing about Jason is he will also dabble beyond his “safe” stocks into penny’s/Pump and Dumps, etc. He is careful to WARN about the speculative nature of these. Currently his one bad miss is trying to read ahead of the RARS pump. Time will tell, but regardless, I think he feels he failed on this as regardless what happens, his entry point was too high, and he is disappointed in himself. He’s not perfect. But again, when he warns on speculative plays — heed that warning. He may have many to gamble with that you don’t! Regardless, I do appreciate the plays beyond his three typical strategies. 

The other bad? I’m not sure how I’m gonna handle taxes, as I have a lot of transactions. But hey, I’m making money and will worry about that later. Will you catch some losers? YES! BUT, you cut losses quickly! And let the winners go for 5-10 percent (sometimes you catch one that goes WAY beyond). 

Once everything is finally brought from Sharebuilder/Ameritrade into my eTrade account, I will be tallying up what my profits/percentage gain is. Admittedly I gambled on RARS and that will be an outlier — either for good or for bad. 

If you join, please settle in and take time to watch out the video lessons; read the watch lists; understand the strategy etc. 

Again, if you sign up I ask you to PLEASE use my referral link. In return I will happily answer your emails and hopefully we will run into each other in the chat (please say hello!). Thanks, and again look for more details soon. 

Please join using my link:

I’m still here as I am making money; I believe in the system; I’ve learned more in 3 weeks then ten years; have more confidence than ever, and truly believe that Jason is person I trust.



  1. Quick comment on my own post. I’m getting lots of questions from people who have been burned in the past.
    1. Jason is an unbelievable good person — truly the kind of person you want to meet. In fact, he will be doing a quaint get-together in Atlantic City soon.
    2. This isn’t magic. If your looking for the magical program that you can just blindly execute and become rich, this isn’t it.
    3. It is a sound strategy. It is about putting yourself in the best position to win consistently. You will benefit most, if you take the time to absorb all the resources, learn, be methodical, and take this seriously.
    4. Don’t be greedy.

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