Posted by: castadream | May 9, 2012

5000 Thousand Dollars in 1 Day (oh and alerted on RARS)

Made $5000 in 24 hours. Bought LEAP yesterday on alert and sold today. Wow! Not to mention I’m going to gamble a bit now with my earnings on a “penny stock” — RARS

At this point I’m just going to say come join the fun. Please use my affiliate link. Feel free to leave comment and we can chat via email and hopefully see you in the JB chat room!



  1. Are you a member of the swing trade or the day trade?

    • Swing trade, Joe. Sent you an email with further details. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Does Jason Bond post a spread sheet of his portfolio (open trades) and performance (past trades), whether hypothetical or not? So many of these chatrooms throw suggestions at you and then move on. Winners are hyped and losers are forgotten about.

    • Yes. It’s actually cool the way he does it. With a watch list each day with comments and indented comments from the days before! ALso includes a portfolio of current holdings. And he is CLEAR on what he buys and how much (immediately), and also throws great ideas for things he’s not buying that folks may want to keep an eye on. He REMINDS you constantly of his losers (rare)… they bother him, and teaches them. Hope you use my link if you decide to join. I’ll send you an email should you have any other questions.

  3. Looks like he took a big hit with RARS.. Where was his stop?

    • Don’t think he has a stop. He made it clear this is speculative and “gambling”. Suspect he is not happy with his entry, but confident otherwise.

  4. I’m interested in learning about Jason Bond Stock Picks’ service. Can you tell me more about his trading style, etc.? How has your experience been? Thanks.

    • Hey Patrick, just sent you an email. Hopefully will be doing a summary detailed blog post today.

  5. Hi,
    Thinking about signing up soon. I’ll sign up with your affiliate link and would
    like to keep in contact with you while getting my feet wet. I’ll most likely have
    questions…glad to find someone who has tested the water. Thanks.

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