Posted by: castadream | April 28, 2012

$5000.00 Profit using Jason Bond Pick’s Methodology!

I’m not sure, but I think it has been maybe two weeks I have been signed up now. What I am certain of however, is that I am about $5000! Sadly, as I’m getting more comfortable with the system, I think this could have been more too!

Here are some key points I want to reiterate what I like so far:

  • Yes, he does provide precise details on what to get; when and at what price.
  • He let’s you know when he exits
  • He always advises if you make 5 to 10 percent over a couple days! Take profit! Sure it can run up more, but you are on your own after that.
  • There is a daily chat
  • There is a lot of education, and you actually learn the strategy

I figure if I can continue to be disciplined at not let my own greed get in my way … conservatively if I make 5k a month, that’s over an extra 50 thousand dollars a year! I see no reason I shouldn’t be able to pull in 50k to 100k a year at the LOW end. 🙂

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll respond to you personally. Meanwhile if you want to join, please use my affiliate link (yes I get a small spiff from this, and I appreciate it, and will be sure to work with you in the chat room and look forward to helping you. By the way, even though I want the referral, I would only do this if I believed in it. For a long time I was making money from referrals to what was a great online men’s clothing store. There business model changed; a senior manager left, and frankly I wasn’t happy anymore. I stopped referring people.

Join Jason Bond here:



  1. How much do you put at risk to attain the $5k profit? How many trades did it take? How much invested per trade? Did you use margin? Was it stocks or options or both? Thanks

    • Hi Porter, My next post will be about this. Briefly, I’m at 6.5K profit. It has taken me many trades. It’s about 2 to 4 day holds, and taking 5 to 10 percent profit when you get it. Sure you can hold for larger gains, but at your own risk. I’m using about 40K to play with. Margin is helpful for settlement. It is stock. He doesn’t do options. I have lost money, because I thought I was smart and tried to play options (2 month out calls). I treat it like a business now, and am not just following his picks but he puts out daily watch lists, with explanations with what he is looking for, so at night I study the watch list to be prepared for the technicals to move rather than just react.

  2. Hi Castadream. I would ask how it goes? What do you make in average profit on your 40k trading account? Do you also use the daytrading room? And in general ”how profitable are Jason and the crew”? Are members really living from it and have they leaved their jobs?

    Since you’ve been there for a while, I would be glad if you could tell more about Jason Bond picks – because I strongly consider to start there.

    • Hi Anden,

      Things are going very well so far, and that’s saying a lot given the market has ben HORRIBLE. I do not use the day trading room, though Jason is about to open it up for all the swing traders to see what’s going on. From what i understand there can be 40 alerts in a day in that room, whereas in the swing trading room, there might be 3 to 5 in a week (although I think there were 4 alerts in the swing trade room yesterday!). I also believe that day trade room alerts only go out in the chat; whereas the swing go out via text and email. From what I understand the day trade room is killing it! And I have seen many in the swing (that also do the trade) talk about having left their jobs. Though personally I would be cautious about this — that is, they have the practice and skill and treat it like a business.

      What’s your experience level with trading? It’s an interesting room (if you in chat), as there are complete newbies, and guys and girls that have ben trading for a while. Jason is extremely pleasant and a good teacher as well. I am technology, and wouldn’t quit my job doing the swing trading, but it does provide very nice supplemental income. Last week, though for example I don’t think I made money — it was just a horrible market and pretty much sat at. Yesterday I bought a lot, and up pretty big on several trades! These include for example, Zinga, DMD, VRNG. Was up yesterday for example 2000 dollars in VRNG in a day. JB, stresses take your 5 to 10 percent and don’t get greedy! Though I don’t day trade.. I swing trade, so am holding and REALLY hoping for a good market today (though doesn’t look ilke it!). I will “day trade” now to get out of a bad trade. The one thing I’ve learned is to cut losses quickly! So for example, I’ve had a lot of losers that didn’t go my way but had very limited losses yet my good trades are making me 500 dollars to 5000 thousand dollars. I’ve learned a lot to be able to do things on my own (though I admit I was foolish and decided to buy Facebook of my own doing — and have since offset that with buying put options! :-)), but I like that JB knows the small caps and his basket of say 100 stocks very well! I’ve noticed it’s helping that I understand his system, and am not becoming reliant upon when he says buy, but I can watch what I know he is watching and sometimes make a jump earlier. Caution though however, I have seen many get burned by this. Jason limits risk by really looking for confirmation signals first.

      I would definitely encourage you to join (and really appreciate you using my affiliate link — as long as I’m here, I’m still actively involved and doing well!) Becaude for the price you pay, I’m confident you will make that back quickly (so risk free if you will), ESPECIALLY if Europe settles and the market starts getting better. Just remember before you dive in, understand his first two video lessons at a minimum, be patient, Don’t chase things, limit losses, and don’t be greedy! You will find that his picks can definitely move 10+% quickly, but take your profits! Because guess what? They can fall 10% quickly too! Best of luck! Thanks in advance should you sign up via me. I will also copy you via email in case you have any other questions.

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