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30 Day Trial of Jason Bond

Okay rarely (if ever) have I seen jason do something like this. He is offering a special 30 day trial. All I can say is it’s worth checking out!! IN MY OPINION, if you want to make some good money on the trial, FOLLOW MY ADVICE:

  1. Join up for the trial.
  2. DO NOT TRADE (yet)
  3. Learn, learn, learn! Look at his articles and his fundamental videos. Take the time to absorb his content and understand his system.
  4. Pay attention to his trade alerts, and daily watchlists, study them based off of what you have learned.
  5. If you can join chat if possible during the day.
  6. ONLY after the first couple weeks of doing this, shoud you then attempt to trade the last couple two weeks.
  7. You should be making money!

I hope this is helpful. I can’t speak enough good things about Jason Bond. Unlike others in the industry he is not an obnoxious. He is not THAT guy that just flaunts wealth (fake, superficial wealth). Ya know the guy that flaunts a Lamborghini and bags from upscale stores. You will not become rich overnight with Jason, but I imagine this is the start for many to build great wealth into the future. Best of luck! Check out his 90 day trial.

Click here to access the 90 day trial for Jason Bond. Please also reply in the comments once you are in and learning and even trading! Love to hear from you!

Posted by: castadream | January 28, 2013

Sometimes it pays to take it easy!

So things got real busy late last year and I had to take a break from trading. This year so far has been awesome! Although I’m not in the chat everyday like I used to be, I’m probably using the service like many average folks would be — that is, just waiting for the text alerts. I have been VERY successful so far this year! Here is what I’ve done:

  • Act quick
  • Keep tight stop losses
  • Not getting greedy — happy with 5 to 15% on relatively short order!

Most recently was OCZ up 15% in  a couple days. I’ve known OCZ for a while now, an have always liked the company, and frankly am surprised they haven’t yet been bought out!

Meanwhile, I have sold for a nice profit much of the position, and am still holding some with a stop loss (so as not to lose money).

Posted by: castadream | January 9, 2013

Wow! Jason Bond in 2013!

Okay I’ve dipped back in again and have already banked on KWK! I like Jason Bonds new focus. In fact, since focusing on swing trades back in November, check out the stats:

33 trades / 28 wins / 5 losses / 85% win rate / $1,100 per trade / $36,050 profit in less than 2 months.

Check it out for yourself!

It also looks like he used to do it by quarter, but looks like now you can sign up for 99 a month, which is good, because you can quickly see that it then becomes an easy decision, because if you don’t make a crap load more than 100 bucks in a month then you just quit. But using his service it should be easy to see this is pretty easy.

Best of luck! Check out his program here!

Posted by: castadream | January 4, 2013

I’m Back!

A new year! Due to new baby; new job; hurricanes; emergencies; holidays; you name it, I stopped trading for a bit. Not to mention, I also got greedy and tried to do two services at once, and lost some money on the other service trying to short stocks — man what a nightmare that was. I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of Jason’s style and the consistent returns!

I’m incredibly swamped lately but will try to keep up with my happenings. Meanwhile, please read my past posts about Jason Bond. Enjoy!

Posted by: castadream | August 31, 2012

Free Chat Room Trial Friday August 31!!

Jason Bond is doing another “Free Trial Friday”. This is a great way to join in to chat and ALL the alerts for free from 8:30am to end of the day!

This is for Friday August 31, 2012. There are economic events that could have us seeing tons of trades occurring for some big money. Worse case, if it’s slow, there will be a lot of Q&A and you will get a great feel for how things work.

So come on and join in the fun. All the details here to get going!


Posted by: castadream | July 1, 2012

Is Jason Bond a Scam? Is Jason Bond Legit?

[Update: Please feel free to leave a comment on my post, and I would be happy to get back with you and we can privatley discuss my positive experieince with Jason Bond, and answer any questions/concerns you might have]

Is Jason Bond Picks a Scam?  Is Jason Bond legit? I got asked this by a close friend of mine the other day, and started wondering how many people consider this when thinking about signing up. I’ve struggled to come up with analogies, but found one that fits and works if you are familiar with workout routines like P90-X and Insanity (albeit, I am NOT a fan of the company that produces these for certain reasons). Regardless, these workout programs without a doubt produce results! BUT, it’s not easy! You still have to put in the work (hard work at that), but you get unbelievable positive results! Jason Bond Stock Picks is similar. It works well, and can produce unbelievable results, but you have to be committed.  Jason is one of the most genuine guys I have met in this industry. He produced awesome material (training videos, blogs, watch lists, account builders lists (for those with limited capital), webinars, etc. Not to mention his prices are awesome!

Consider this: It is $297 a quarter! Those that I have referred have been in touch with me and experienced what I did as well. That 300 bucks will be made back in no time! I have the confidence at least that if you are willing to understand his methods, and not be a gunslinger, that if you give him $297, he will give you back almost immediatley your $297, perhaps $1000, perhaps $10,000. Does that make sense? Basically you should have confidence that what you pay is a worthwhile, limited risk investment in yourself!

The number one thing I have learned is don’t try to make hundreds of thousands overnight! Be smart. Be patient. Take your profits when they come. Be a turtle so to speak, and your money is more likely to grow more quickly!

I’m a fan, and can say Jason Bond Stock Picks is NOT a scam. It is a worthwhile program. It includes awesome training! I learned more with jason in 2 weeks, then I learned about the stock market in 10 years. Jason knows his bag of stocks (small caps listed on major exchanges). I wish you the best, and simply ask that you use my affiliate link, and as a result, keep in touch with me and let me know of your results, or if there is anything I can do to help.

Pay the $297, and be like many other that have made that back and much more almost immediately!

Posted by: castadream | June 29, 2012

Winning with Jason Bond Stock Picks Swing Trading

First if you are thinking about Jason Bond and signing up, I recommend do it! If you do it, I recommend using my affiliate link please. In return I promise to help and answer any questions I can. Once you do sign up, my biggest piece of advice, is to wait before trading! Make sure you understand his system and have acquainted yourself with everything. Have I sustained losses? Yes, but 75% of those losses are my own fault. Trade wisely, and don’t be a gunslinger. Once I can get out of my own way and exercise good discipline, I will not just be putting up good numbers, but HUGE numbers! Best of luck.

Posted by: castadream | June 27, 2012

Profit.Ly — where have you you been!?

ImageOkay, I wasn’t around at the time, but I understand Jason used to be on and isn’t anymore, meanwhile, I have been checking it out and it IS AWESOME! I think I’m falling in love with

I’m actually starting to think ALL my stuff should go into as should the rest of the world! Albeit, they don’t support every broker yet, including my IRA and SureTrader. But they do support eTrade, Ameritrade, etc, etc

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Shorting with Jason Bond!

Excited as I have now been successfully shorting stocks courtesy of Jason Bond’s added short alerts. Most recently, I shorted ZNGA yesterday and then took profits and moved into HL yesterday, and took profits today. All in all for a quick and easy $500.00 profit. Using small positions, as I most used to going long on stocks.

Posted by: castadream | June 22, 2012

Free 16 Hour Class and more from Jason Bond!

Allright, so this is pretty much a straight up pitch/good deal for you. If you’ve read my other posts, you know how I genuinely feel about this service — it works.  Anyhow, Jason is offering the following:

This hands on intensive 16-hour class alone is worth the measly $297 / quarter fee and I assure you – you’ll leave a better trader. From understanding pump and dumps to finding diamonds in the rough I’ll cover everything including how I made $11,202 on KWK this week using video lesson #1 from my educational trading framework.

Upon completion, the 16-hour class will be made into a DVD and retail in my store for $497 a copy – you’ll receive a copy in the mail for FREE as a part of this offer.

The DVD will be called, “The Basics of Swing Trading by Jason Bond” – yours FREE!

And now, he has combined his swing trade and day trade service (and reduced the price!)

I just combined my 2 services. What was $297 / quarter for Bond Swing Trades and $497 / quarter for Bond Day Trades is now combined into 1 service at $297 / quarter.

There were hundreds of people paying $794 / quarter to get both services so you can bet the combined $297 / quarter price will be increasing but once you’re locked in your price NEVER increases.

You should be aware: This is the lowest membership rate I can offer you at this time. And this special offer won’t last long. So, please don’t risk missing out.

To participate in the 4 LIVE 4-hour instructional webinars, lock in this 66% discount to both my premium services and get the $497 16-hour instructional DVD absolutely FREE…

So it’s a an awesome time to join, and I hope you use my affiliate link, and in return please email me/hit me up in chat etc and I will help out or offer advice in any way I can! Thank you, and enjoy!

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